1. To confirm the minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2018.
2. The Chairman’s address.
3. To consider the Report of the CEO/Principal Officer for 2018.
4. To consider the Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018, the Report of the Independent Auditors and the Report of the Board of Trustees.
5. To elect trustees to the Board for a period of three years.
The election of trustees is subject to the provisions of rule 21.5 of the Rules of the Fund. The Rules may be accessed
on the Fund’s website.
  5.1 Two existing trustees’ terms of office expire in 2019. They are Mr T Derwin and Dr J Miot
Mr T Derwin has been nominated and has indicated that he is available for re-election.
Dr J Miot has been nominated and has indicated that she is available for re-election.
  5.2 Mr C West has been nominated and has indicated that he is available for election. Mr West was co-opted on to the Board in July 2018.
  An abbreviated curriculum vitae of each nominee is set out below.
6. To approve the Trustee remuneration for attendance at meetings.
7. To appoint the Auditors for 2019.

8 April 2019

The Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statements will be available for viewing on the CAMAF website from
9 May 2019. Alternatively, a copy will be posted to you, upon request.

Notice of motions to be placed before the Annual General Meeting must reach the CEO/Principal Officer no later than 23 May 2019.

Please submit any questions that you would like the Scheme to respond to at the meeting by no later than 23 May 2019. The Scheme will respond to as many of the more frequently asked questions as possible at the meeting. Please note that individual responses will not be sent.

Motions and questions to be emailed to cheryl.clark@camaf.co.za or sent by post to The CEO/Principal Officer, CAMAF, PO Box 2964, Randburg, 2125 or faxed to 011 707 8542 by no later than 23 May 2019.

Wedgefield Office Park
17 Muswell Road South

Qualification(s): BCom, BAcc (Wits), CA (SA)
Current position: Partner at Deloitte & Touche
Experience: Advised clients in South Africa on the implementation of IFRS and on the accounting implications of IFRS on transactions entered into. He has provided IFRS training in numerous countries to both clients and Deloitte personnel. He was involved with the formation and initial running of the Deloitte Global Office on IFRS and continues to participate in the setting of global IFRS policies for Deloitte. Registered IFRS Advisor at the JSE and the Council for Medical Schemes.
Current and position held with CAMAF: Appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees in May 2016 and member of the Audit Committee in November 2016

Qualification(s): BPharm (Rhodes) PhD (London)
Current position: Division Director of Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office (HE2RO)
Experience: University lecturer in pharmacoeconomics, evidence based medicine and pharmacovigilance. She is an Advisor and Consultant to many private and State organisations. Serves on various editorial committees.
Current and position held with CAMAF: Appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees in May 2016

Qualification(s): BCom, BAcc PDM (HC) (Wits), CA (SA)
Current position: Africa Group Partner at PwC
Experience: 30 years’ experience servicing large corporate domestic and multi-national companies, mostly reporting in terms of IFRS and in US Dollars. He has extensive Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) experience in Africa. He worked mainly on Pan African Clients, but some experience in South America, India, Eastern Europe and China. Current chairperson of the Staff Provident Fund and the Africa Partners Admission Committee.
Current and position held with CAMAF: Co-opted as a member of the Board of Trustees in July 2018

For the period from the 2019 AGM until the conclusion of the 2020 AGM

The Board of Trustees passed a resolution in 2013 requiring that the remuneration of trustees and committee members attending meetings should be approved annually at the AGM. The table below is based on the recommendations made by RSM SA Consulting to the Board of Trustees in August 2018:

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