CAMAF… Keeping You At Your Best

CAMAF… Keeping You At Your Best

The month of February in the health calendar highlights the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, and as ever we encourage our members to be proactive about their health.

How many of us start every year with an inspiring list of New Year’s resolutions – to exercise more regularly, to eat healthily and even to stop smoking? Then a month into the new year, old habits creep back in and those gym visits become less and less frequent. Why is this? Do we consider other tasks more important than our health? Do we allow business demands to reduce our hours for exercise? Do we move the management of our health lower down the ladder of importance?

Let’s remind ourselves that the number of people dying from lifestyle illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes is increasing exponentially every year; and a significant number of these people were not even aware that they had a life-threatening illness or disease. We don’t second guess sending our cars in for a scheduled service, so let’s all commit to making the time to ensure that all our health indicators are maintained at normal levels.

When last did you visit your doctor for a check-up?PreventativeWellness

On this Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Month CAMAF encourages its members to take full advantage of the preventative wellness benefits available to them by going for regular check-ups. These benefits are available to promote prevention and early detection of diseases, thus keeping members at their best.

These annual check-ups and screenings will help you take control of your health by either diagnosing any conditions early or helping you determine if you are at risk for certain conditions so you can take the necessary steps to prevent them.

With early detection and the right care, deaths from lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease can be prevented.For the detail on the preventative wellness benefits available under your benefit option, please consult your benefits brochure .

In line with our fundamental belief that prevention is better than cure, we have enhanced our preventative wellness benefit this year. Below are some of the new preventative benefits:

  • Dietician consultation and a screening scan benefit for a mammogram or bone densitometry test performed by non-radiologist extended to the Vital option. This benefit is now available to members on Alliance, Double Plus and Vital options.
  • Melanoma screening test added to Alliance, Double Plus and Vital options. Early detention of melanoma is critical. To be one step ahead in catching melanoma early, any skin changes that seem unusual, a suspicious mole or skin growth should be checked by a dermatologist. Melanoma can be treated successfully if it is detected early.
  • A negotiated cash discount to use Cryo-Save for umbilical stem cell harvesting at birth. Click here to read more about this important benefit which could save your child’s life in the years ahead.
  • Our preventative wellness cover is also enhanced by the CAMAF Lifestyle Programme. All members and adult beneficiaries can visit a Clicks or DisChem clinic for a free comprehensive health assessment, and also a Virgin Life Care biokineticist for fitness and diet assessment.

The success of preventative healthcare depends on your active participation – do your part, and help us to keep you at your best! Remember, life is all about choices – choose healthy lifestyle.

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