We have taken the members’ concerns and comments into account and have updated our process accordingly.


CAMAF applied for and received an exemption from the Council of Medical Schemes (CMS) in terms of Section 8(h): Regulation 10(3).


This exemption allows eligible members to use their accumulated positive medical savings to pay for future contributions. This is to aid members with financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the National lockdown.


The CMS granted the exemption until the end of the national lockdown, subject to the following conditions:


  1. The Scheme issues a communication to ALL its members informing them of the availability of the contributions’ relief scheme.
  2. That the Scheme only considers members who would have requested such relief.
  3. To be eligible for the scheme contributions’ relief scheme the member should have accumulated PMSA equal to 12 months’ contributions however, a lessor balance in the MSA, of example for 6 months could be considered by assessing each request on its merits.
  4. Limited contributions from the MSA to be taken for the duration of the exemption.
  5. Terms and conditions relating to the granting of such a concession to pay members’ contributions from their PMSA for the period should be clearly spelled out, as well as the likely impact of such an arrangement given the possibility that their savings are likely to be depleted before the end of the year.
  6. The CMS will closely monitor the impact of this dispensation on members and the scheme in general.
  7. The Board of Trustees are expected to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities during this period of exemption.

Therefore in order to meet the above conditions – CAMAF’s contribution relief scheme will have the following Terms and Conditions and the process will be applied as follows:


  1. The Scheme issued a communication to all members informing them of the available relief.
  2. The Scheme will only evaluate members that have applied.
  3. Members will only be eligible if:
    1. they have an active status (therefore not applicable to members that have resigned (see full explanation in point 9 below);
    2. they are on an option that has medical savings in 2021;
    3. they are in good standing with the Scheme; and
    4. they have sufficient current accumulated positive medical savings (PMSA) in terms of the exemption criteria from the CMS.
      This available PMSA portion that can be applied to offset future contributions has been calculated and applied by CAMAF in the following way:

      • The member will need to have accumulated a positive MSA balance over and above the calculated ’12-month threshold ‘amount’. The ’12-month threshold ‘amount’ is calculated using your total 2021 MSA monthly portion amount of your contribution times by 12 months. Only the balance above the threshold amount will be available for the offset of future contributions.  Medical savings amounts up to the threshold amount will only be available for valid claims as per the Rules of the fund.


        Example 1:
        Option: Essential Plus
        Income category: First
        Number of people in the family on CAMAF: 1
        Total monthly contribution 2021: (R1 951 + R590) R2,541
        MSA monthly contribution 2021: R590
        MSA available balance:R20,000
        Calculation of balance available for relief:
        Threshold amount:
        12 x MSA monthly contribution
        12 x R590 R7,080
        Amount available for relief arrangement:
        PMSA available balance less threshold amount
        R20,000 – R7,080 = R12,920
        Number of months for which relief can be granted:
        Amount available for relief divided by the total monthly contributions
        (R12,920 ÷ R2,541):5


        Example 2:
        Option: Double Plus
        Income category: Not applicable
        Number of people in the family on CAMAF: 2(member + adult)
        Total monthly contribution 2021: (R4,050 + 392) x 2 R4,442 x 2
        MSA monthly contribution 2021: (R392 x 2) R784
        PMSA available balance: R20,000
        Calculation of balance available for relief:
        Threshold amount:
        12 x MSA monthly contribution
        12 x R784 R9,408
        Amount available for relief arrangement:
        PMSA available balance less threshold amount
        R20,000 – R9,408 = R10,592
        Number of months for which relief can be granted:
        Amount available for relief divided by the total monthly contributions
        (R10,592 ÷ R8,884):1

      • PMSA is the MSA amount already accumulated and is not the advanced 2021 MSA portion that can be used in full upfront for claims. The advanced 2021 MSA cannot be used for future contributions as this could potentially result in an amount owed to CAMAF if the member resigns during the year from the Scheme.
      • The relief will be applied to a full month’s contributions. No partial contribution offset from PMSA will be allowed. For Example, an eligible member will not be able to use 10% from PMSA and 90% from normal collections.
      • The maximum months of relief from your accumulated PMSA will be calculated and provided to the eligible member. The eligible member can then select the number of months they would like to use the PMSA to cover future contributions – up to the maximum number of months allowed. For Example if your current eligible accumulated PMSA can cover 5 months of future contributions, the eligible member can select to apply the relief for either 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months or the maximum 5 months.
      • The relief is for future contributions and will not be back dated.
      • Upon the member accepting the relief arrangement (qualifying amount, selected months and the terms and conditions), the agreed and accepted qualifying PMSA balance for the agreed months will be available for future contributions.
      • Should CAMAF receive claims that will pay from your MSA during your agreed PMSA arrangement– your number of relief months available could change. The calculation at the time of your application will be reduced by future contributions and any PMSA claims exceeding the threshold as and when they occur.
      • A member can apply more than once in the exemption period, but only once the initial relief period is over, where applicable. The same qualifying criteria will be applied.
  4. As contributions are raised in arrears, all accepted/signed documents/arrangements received on or before the 5th of the month, will be processed and actioned in the same month. If the accepted/signed documents/arrangements is received after the 5th of the month, then the relief will only be processed in the following month’s contribution run.
    • If you are an individual member – The approved and accepted PMSA portion would be reserved to be used to pay future contributions for the agreed period. This means that your next medical aid contribution due will be paid/offset from the reserved medical savings. Therefore no claims will be able to process from this reserved amount and no interest will be earned on this reserved amount for the duration of the relief arrangement.
    • If you are part of a member firm – your full month’s contribution will still be deducted from your pay slip and be paid over to CAMAF. This is to simplify the payroll process. This means that your HR department will not need to adjust the monthly payroll. Once CAMAF receives the monthly contribution (as usual), then CAMAF will pay the monthly contribution from the agreed PMSA relief arrangement directly to the member. As contributions are collected in arears, CAMAF will pay the members in arears with the next weekly payment run. The payment run for the PMSA will be done on the closet Monday following the 18th of the following month. For Example, your February contribution should be paid to CAMAF by your firm before the 18th of March (as per our rules and the dates your firm pays the contributions over to CAMAF). CAMAF will then pay your full months February contribution on the next payment run. (Monday 22nd March will then be the closet Monday to the 18th of March). Therefore your future contributions for the agreed relief arrangement will be paid from your approved PMSA portion (same as individuals), but the offset process will be different to enable your IRP5 to correspond to your medical tax certificate. This will show as a ‘COVID 19 MSA ‘relief’ on your MSA statement and not as a savings refund paid to member. A refund of MSA is when the Scheme pays out your remaining positive MSA balance when you resign from the Scheme and not moving to a MSA option on another Scheme or when you move to another CAMAF option that does not have MSA.
  5. The agreed arrangement is valid for the national lockdown period only and will cease upon the termination of the lockdown, irrespective of the agreed period. This is due to the fact that we only have the exemption until the end of the national lockdown.
  6. A member may opt-out of the agreed arrangement before the end date of the initial agreed period, provided such termination is communicated to our offices before the 5th of the month in writing. Correspondence for the termination received after the 5th will only be applicable for the following month.
  7. CAMAF may apply a lower threshold amount, for example, six months, by assessing each request on its merits. Should you feel your application should be reviewed on this basis, you will need to contact us at [email protected] and submit proof of your severe financial circumstances for consideration.
  8. The impact of using your MSA for your contributions, however, must be carefully considered given the possibility that your MSA could be depleted before the end of the year.
  9. The arrangement is not applicable to members that are currently resigned. If there is a future resignation date, then the member can apply for the remaining active months on or before the 5th of the month. If the application is received after the 5th of the last active month of membership, then the member will not qualify. For example, should a member resign effective the end of February 2021 and applies for the PMSA relief after the 5th of February, the member will not qualify.
  10. The Chartered Accountants (SA) Medical Aid Fund (CAMAF) will not be liable and is not responsible for any matters that may arise from employer subsidies where applicable.
  11. Members must ensure that they are familiar with the above process, terms and conditions of the CAMAF contributions’ relief scheme.
  12. Members qualify to claim a Medical Tax Credit (MTC) regarding contributions paid by them (or deemed to have been paid by them) to a registered medical scheme. Funding contributions from the PMSA balance meet the above definition and will not alter tax benefits.
  13. Send applications to [email protected]. CAMAF is currently developing an automated process for the members to apply, receive and accept the relief arrangements online (post-login) and the information will be shared as soon as the platform is available on the CAMAF website.



Employer group members – Application for MSA Relief


Individuals – Application for MSA Relief

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