CAMAF Wellness Club Cycle 4 Schedule

06 August 2021 to 01 October 2021

7Mon, 20 September 202106:30Zumba - Coach Lucas
7Mon, 20 September 202117:30Zumba - Coach Lucas (Repeat)
7Tue, 21 September 202106:30Grid Power - Coach Lindiwe
7Tue, 21 September 202117:30Grid Power - Coach Lindiwe (Repeat)
7Wed, 22 September 202106:30Kick Boxing - Coach Julia
7Wed, 22 September 202112:00Webinar 7:
Bullying, Signs & Prevention
presented by Duduzile Maphanga (Psychometrist)
7Wed, 22 September 202117:30Kick Boxing - Coach Julia (Repeat)
7Thu, 23 September 202106:30Pilates - Coach LucasREGISTER
7Thu, 23 September 202117:30Pilates - Coach Lucas (Repeat)REGISTER
7Fri, 24 September 202107:00Friday Fitness RunREGISTER
8Mon, 27 September 202106:30Kick Session - Coach LindiweREGISTER
8Mon, 27 September 202117:30Kick Session - Coach Lindiwe (Repeat)REGISTER
8Tue, 28 September 202106:30Cardio Step - Coach JuliaREGISTER
8Tue, 28 September 202117:30Cardio Step - Coach Julia (Repeat)REGISTER
8Wed, 29 September 202106:30Functional Fitness - Coach SihleREGISTER
8Wed, 29 September 202112:00Webinar 8:
Topic TBA
Presenter TBA
8Wed, 29 September 202117:30Functional Fitness - Coach Sihle (Repeat)REGISTER
8Thu, 30 September 202106:30Preggy Belly - Coach EulricaREGISTER
8Thu, 30 September 202117:30Preggy Belly - Coach Eulrica (Repeat)REGISTER
8Fri, 01 October 202107:00Friday Fitness RunREGISTER
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